Trunk Busbar System

time: 2019-04-17

Trunk busbar system is made of copper or aluminium as conductor, metal slot as the cover to carry and distribute the high current power in industry, building, and power industry field. Trunk busbar system is a power distribution solution of size saving, flexible installation and flexible maintenance, repeatedly installation and uninstallation. 

       Trunk busbar system used in data center to carry the power to head cabinet and its related rack machine. As below listed are key difference between the traditional head cabinet + cable and new trunk busbar system.      

       Traditional head cabinet + cable:

Cable installation takes much more time, not economic for change or upgrade in future

Heat gathering with higher fire risk

Underground cable installation brings down the effect of air cooling

Longer cable with higher resistance brings more power loss

Head cabinet occupation reduces the utility size of data center room, 10% at least.

Trunk Busbar System

       Trunk busbar system:

Quick and flexible installation, much less time, economic for further change or upgrade in future based on the modular design power head and socket box

Metal of copper as conductor has higher power efficiency and less risk

Installation in air, better effect for air cooling

No cross impact due to the switch located in different socket boxes.

Save room size by removal of head cabinet.

Trunk Busbar System

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